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At Country Escapes we can assure you, that at all times, we will represent you and your property with professionalism. We take on all the behind-the-scenes management for you, as well as all the front-of-house hospitality, providing a comprehensive, stress-free experience for both you and our guests. Selecting Country Escapes as your holiday letting agent New Forest, Dorset, Somerset & Wiltshire, we can promise the following things…

Maximising Your Returns

If we do our job well (and we will), you’ll earn more from letting your property out via Country Escapes than you would either using a different management company or doing so independently. So how can we be confident? At Country Escapes we go above and beyond to ensure your property is advertised widely and well-presented, we manage all enquiries efficiently and we make ensure every guest’s experience is second to none. As an experienced holiday letting agent we also adopt some sophisticated revenue-management techniques to maximise property occupancy and returns. If you work with us and you’ll quickly discover that our management fee is a wise investment.

Your Full Management Solution

You can be as involved in the management of your property as little or as much as you’d like. We are very happy to work alongside owners who want to be fully engaged in the day-to-day running of their holiday let; but equally, you can hand it all over to us, embrace full management responsibility, leaving you extra time to spend just the way you want (round of golf, anyone?). Our extensive network of local connections means that even specialist jobs can be completed quickly and effectively, giving you total confidence that we’ve got everything covered.

Our Service Led Ethos

We’re all about service, service, service! Our primary goal is to provide property owners and guests alike with the very highest level of service to ensure nothing less than total satisfaction. The extra mile… the personal touch…  pulling out all the stops… over and above… Country Escapes is about all of these things,…and then some more.

Caring For Your Asset

At Country Escapes we don’t take our responsibilities as your holiday letting agent lightly – we recognise that we are looking after one of your most valuable assets. You can be sure that our interests are aligned with yours – we want two things – your property to be loved, well maintained and, above all, filled with happy guests. We always welcome any property owner’s wish to check in on the condition of their property – all we need to do is to plan the visit in for the rare occasion your property is not occupied.

Tailored Management Packages

Country Escapes can offer you a broad range of property management packages – everything from our Affiliate package to Premium Plus. These packages are designed to suit the owner’s individual circumstances and requirements, with management fees to match. If, however, none of our existing packages suit you, we’d be delighted to work with you to create a bespoke package perfectly suited to you and your property.

Our Sector Experience

We pleased to say that the Country Escapes team has been successfully letting short-term properties for years. It’s what we do best, and why we get out of bed in the morning! You don’t need to have experience in running holiday rentals yourself; instead you can simply benefit from ours. From our years of experience we already know which tools, systems, techniques and procedures to implement to maximise revenue and returns. We what we’re saying is, we’ve got this covered.

Real Time Information Available

We’re an open book. We believe in transparency, sincerity, and no nonsense. For this reason we always provide our owners with real-time information about their property and as well as its performance, to complement the regular and timely payments received. Got a question? Please just ask. We promised we will respond quickly and honestly. We welcome feedback from our owners and guests, and what is more, if there’s anything that either party wants to know, we’ll tell them.

Our Local Network

The Country Escapes network of extensive local connections is tried, tested and trusted.  So if there’s an issue with your property, you can be completely confident we’ll get it fixed swiftly, professionally and efficiently – no mess, no fuss. Additionally, we have access to extra discounts from recommended suppliers, so you can be assured that you’re getting a good deal.

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