Devon versus Cornwall – How to choose where to go?

Are you looking for an affordable holiday destination along with assuaging your stress with family members? Are you one of those people who have always been fascinated by the legends and the history of English knights? If you are looking for all these things in your holiday resort, then all your interests will be entertained by the south-western part of England where Devon and Cornwall are waiting for your salutation.

Mild weather, gorgeous rives Tamar, breathtaking landscapes, rocky cliffs and castles rich in history are the key attractions of Cornwall and Devon holidays. These entire features enable people to enjoy swimming, riding, sailing, walking on beautifully scheduled beaches, surfing and rejoicing with a never ending list of recreational activities.

Now the question may arise that which county should be visited. Its answer entirely depends upon from whom you are asking this question. In the underlined article, we will be enlisting distinguishing features of Cornwall and Devon holidays which will help you to make the final decision.

First let us talk about Cornwall. Center of attention here is its town Fowey. It presents itself adorned with a rich history, yachts, and acclaimed restaurants. Children are also pulled towards this town because of the legendary children-friendly Fowey Hall Hotel. Its art galleries are the best places for surfing. Another attractive feature is the third deepest natural harbor in the world i.e. Falmouth or Helford. Children here would love the marine world while adults will take pleasure in shopping. The most eminent thing is its Eden project.  It is blessed with 5,000 species of almost 100,000 plants from all zones around the world. Another attraction for the gardening lovers is its lost gardens of Heligan.

As far as Devon holidays are concerned, they are not at all less entertaining than the Cornwall holidays. Its beaches are of world fame. They provide you an exalting opportunity to walk on Bantham, East Portlemouth etc. These beaches are sandy. It is also famous for its lighthouses on the cost. One can go for a quick swim over here. You will also be able to encounter Stone Age remains once you visit Dartmoor. There are many beautiful picnic spots, river drafting adventures and other places that enhance the joy of spending holidays over here. Town Dartmouth is renowned for its cafe, shopping facilities, sailing lessons and ferries passengers etc. Powderham castles and Berry Pomeroy add to the beauty of this county.

Above mentioned are some of the most attractive features of both these counties. In fact, there is a never ending list of attributes that may become a reason of your visit to any of these counties. It is to be concluded that no county is superior or inferior to the other. It depends upon you where you want to go for your recreational holidays.

Top Places to See in the UK Countryside

Living in urban areas of UK can be so hectic.  Although there are many recreational activities available throughout the country, often the places at which you play sport fail to provide a relaxing environment.   In this fast paced world, everyone is in search of places where he or she can relax and forget about daily tensions and worries. Well for this purpose, one cannot find a better place than UK countryside.  Whenever you visit the country, there is a sense of calmness and slowness which enables a person to relax and come out of viscous and tight circle of life.

One thing is for sure that if a person plans to visit the UK countryside, then there are many sound advantages which he or she can feel and enjoy. Like first of all the visit will allow the person to interact with the nature closely. Green trees, widely spread fields and crops, chirping birds, all of these are not available in the urban areas anymore. All of these bring a sense of calmness and relaxation to nerves. There are other activities as well which include trekking in the forest, swimming in the local pond and fishing etc. All of these activities are enjoyable and healthy.

It is a known fact that countryside offers many traditional festivals that are totally different from the ones that take place in cities. So, one terrific idea to enjoy your holidays is to visit the countryside in the festival season. Their local crafts, foods, traditional dances and fireworks are usually a sight to watch. People in these areas are extremely friendly, and their attitude reminds a person about the true nature of humanity.

Some of the leading UK countryside spots where a person can visit and enjoy are as follows:

  • Hexham: This is considered to be one of the top places to visit. It is known for its starters and has been voted as “England’s best market town”. Moreover, it is close to Hadrian’s Wall that is a long-distance footpath.
  • Canterbury: This countryside is famous because of its countless worth seeing sites. It is also adorned with a walking and cycling county nearby. Coastal towns like Whitstable add to its beauty.
  • Henley on Thames:  It is famous for its water based events like head of the river races. The Towpath route is its greatest attraction which is specifically built for people who like to walk for a long time. Another reason for its fame is royal regatta.
  • Bakewell:  It is also one of the top destinations among the countryside. Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice here in this countryside.
  • Isle of Wight: When people plan to spend their holidays in the countryside, this place is a high priority and is a favourite destination of the majority of the walking visitors.

Five Tips for Choosing a Holiday Cottage

Renting a cottage or a home when going for a family vacation is the best thing to do. It is because doing this will make you feel as if you are relaxing at your own home. Having sufficient space for you and your family along with getting other services will add to the beauty of your trip and will make it more memorable. At the same time, if you fail to choose the right accommodation, it will not let you enjoy your vacation at its full. Underlined, we will be discussing some of the tips that will be useful for you in reserving a cottage. They will not only help you in renting a holiday cottage that will be cost effective but will also bring all comforts for you.

  • Photographs: When we decide to rent homes for holidays, we usually see photographs of the cottages either online or on the brochures. One should not decide by seeing these pictures because these are usually the pictures which are taken when the place was new. Moreover, shots are extremely common rather than being specific. Thus, before taking a final decision, you must ask for the most recent pictures.
  • Location: Location of the holiday cottage is highly significant. You will notice that prices of the vacation homes largely depend upon their location. It is because obviously no one wants to be miles away from the beach when one has planned to go on beach holidays. Google maps can be used to solve this issue.
  • Price: Unfortunately, many of people have to make decisions according to their budget. It is not bad too. Still, one should take care of the value along with the price of the place.  At the same time, it is not deniable as well that it has always proven to be the biggest expense whenever it comes to plan a family holiday.
  • Food: These cottages most of the times are self catering. Therefore, you need to confirm this thing so that you may not have to face any problem in the future. You need to know about the nearest super market so that you would be able to stock things as soon as you arrive at the location. There are certain shops that offer free sausages and other stuff to the visitors. All such information must be collected from the owner in detail.
  • Weather Forecast: Do keep a close eye at the weather forecast as it is a fact that it often rains in UK. In such a case, it is expedient to pack water proof stuff so that your vacation does not get ruined. Once again you will need to ask the owner if there are some kinds of caves, waterfalls or museums there or not. No doubt, these prove to be best recreational locations in a rainy day.

If you keep all these above mentioned five tips in your mind, you will be successful in renting the holiday cottage that will meet all your needs to a maximum level.


Walking Holidays in the UK – Where to go

Holidays bring lots of pleasant memories in mind.  Do you fancy goin somewhere new and refreshing, walking, cycling, at one with nature, and then reclining in a comfortable sofa with a crackling open fire at the end of the day?  Then try a walking holiday in the UK.  Perfect!

In the article  below we will be talking about some of the best and the most beautiful holiday destinations. There is no doubt that nature always reminds of the innocent reminiscences of childhood. Planning a walking holiday can be treated as the revival of all such recollections.

  • One of the most attractive destinations is Wainwright’s Coast to Coast. It owes its name after the name of the famous travel writer Alfred Wainwright. It starts from St. Bees on the Cumbria’s Western Coast and extends to Robin Hood Bay in the north of England. This adventure elongates to three national parks named as The Yorkshire Dales NP, The Lake District NP and the North Moors NP. This distance can be covered in fourteen days covering 190 miles. One can enjoy watching the view of the breathtaking landscapes all the time. If you think that two weeks will be more for you, then alternative routes are also available. All precautions that are taken for normal hiking must be taken. Compasses and maps are mandatory for this exciting venture.
  • Next destination for the memorable walking holidays is the Cumbria way. It starts from Ulverston and goes through Cumbria. This adventure can be divided into five easy stages. Total distance in this holiday is 14 miles per phase. Some of the most enchanting scenes are delightful Lake Elterwater, famous spot of Tarn Hows and speechless Langdale pikes.
  • Official opening point for the Dales way starts through crossing Yorkshire Dales i.e. from east to west. One of many spell bounding sceneries is Wharfedale. This is not the end rather it is just the beginning. A person on this holiday resort will come across many other exhausting landscapes like Pennie watershead. It is accompanied with three peaks views that pass through the picturesque Lakeland and end up at Lake Windermere. This walk usually ends in nine days.

Thus, it is highly recommended that next time whenever one plans to go on walking holidays then the above mentioned three resorts must not be missed visiting. At last, it will not be wrong to say that a certain fitness level is required for enjoying these to their full.


The Best Spas in England

Life is so hectic.  Everyone needs a break, and a spa is the best way to get a fantastic day away.  Whether for a hen night, a romantic treat, a long weekend, or just some plain R&R, you should consider a spa.  The best spas in the world are in the UK. Read on to get some help choosing the kind of spa for you. 

All spas offer different services like massages, body and facial treatments. Others may have different offers like tarot card reading, energy work, Ayuverdic consultations and thalasso therapy. Destination spa, Day spa, Resort spa and Medical spa are some of the most common spas known by people. Best spas may be defined as a way to beauty and health attained with the help of professional body care.

Let us briefly discuss the different types of spas mentioned above:

Destination Spa: This type of spa that offers stress relief and fitness classes. These places also teach a person that how he or she can adopt healthy habits at home. Therapeutic massages are also a part of these treatments available here for people. 

Day Spa: These are the places where one can go for facial treatments, massages or body treatments for the whole day. Body treatments involve mud wraps, sea salt scrubs etc. These can be termed as the best spas because here one needs not to stay over the night or more than a day. These spas provide you maximum results in minimum time. Day spas offer peaceful and quiet environment, private treatment rooms, professional products, relaxation room with tea and much more.

Resort Spa:  These types of spas are generally meant for women only. These are expensive as compared to the day spas and they offer the same facilities with improved and enhanced medications.

Medical Spa:  Doctors govern these spas. Particular treatments are available here like lip injections, Botox, plastic surgery etc. When we talk about spas, then the first name that comes to mind is England. Let us see some of the names that are considered to be at the top of the list when it comes to the best spas in England.  These include Aquarius, C-Side Spa, Sequoia, Sanderson Hotel, Chewton Glen Spa, The Serenity Spa, Thermae Bath Spa and many more.

These spas offer a blend of the best health related services along with a promise to enhance the beauty of their clients.